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2020-10 Rebuild Status
October 15, 2020, 9:51 AM

Repair Update

It has been four months since I wrote about where we stand in repairing our church building. The last article was the great news that we had settled with the insurance company. Many things have been accomplished since then even though it does not look like.

Modular Office Building

The new office building has arrived. It is on site and tied down to the ground. It still needs to be hooked up to power, water, sewer, phone and network. Once those task are accomplished then it will need to have the skirt installed. After that we will get our final inspection by the city. Once we have what is called a Certificate of Occupancy we can move in. As you can see there is still many steps in this process. We are making progress.

The Main Building

The permit plans for phase 1 have been completed. Remember phase 1 is only the sanctuary side of the building, both the first floor and second. There is a lot changes required in order to bring our building up to current code. Phase 2 is the first floor of east wing and fellowship hall. Phase 2 will be split up into several smaller projects. Phase 2 design will not be completed until phase 1 construction is going.

The building committee, Nathan (Cosco), Bernie (architect), and several engineers have put in a lot time and effort to finished the permit plans.

So Why Has Phase 1 Not Began

We are waiting on three things.

First we are waiting on the City of Callaway to approve the permit plans for phase 1. We can’t start demolition or construction until they sign off on our plans. There is a lot construction going on in Callaway slowing the review process and the virus has also slowed things up.

Second Cosco is waiting for the sub contractors to turn in their bids. Some have and some are waiting for a final tweak to the plans. Even thought the plans are complete enough to ask for a permit there are some details that still need modifications to get accurate bids. When the building committee reviewed the plans they found a few things that need modification and things that had not been addressed.

Third we are waiting on the new office building to be finished so we can move into it. We do expect it to be finished before all the bids are. And if there is a hold up we have a back plan to temporarily move Paula and my office so as not to hold up phase 1. So I guess we are not really waiting on this as more of hoping it will be done soon.

Once all three of these are done demolition and construction will begin in earnest. As far as when will this be. I have come to learn it will happen when does. God has his plan we are just along for the ride. Someday we will look back thinking, “Wow, what an amazing journey” but today we look forward and say, “When Lord?” He says, “Soon.”

Please Pray

That God keeps us (the church) so inline with His plans that once it is over we will marvel at what God has done.
Wisdom for me in my role of being the central communication hub in all this. I want to please the Lord.
Wisdom for building committee and myself as we began finalizing details of phase 1 and the design of phase 2.
Wisdom and protection Cosco as they select subcontractors.
God’s protection of the whole process as there are many place that the enemy could cause this to come to a screeching halt.

Note: This is a copy of the October Newletter article. 

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