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The Process

The learning process continues. On Monday the April 8th I meet with Cosco and Associates, and the Building Committee. We sat through a lot of facts and numbers. We can’t start the remodel yet. Cosco believes that the insurance company still owes us almost $600,000. That is a lot of money. So until we get the money settle we are stuck in a holding pattern. I know that amount is a big difference. Cosco feels that money is really owed to us.

Some of the differences is because Cosco found stuff that the insurance company did not. For instance the insurance company left off money for the installation of the new sound and video equipment for the sanctuary. They left off the 7.5 ton AC unit that serves the sanctuary. They left off two rooms over the fellowship hall that were damaged. And they left off that brick work on the west side of the sanctuary facing the parking lot.

Some of the difference is because the insurance company undervalued the amount of work to be done or the cost of the work. They did not give us enough money for lighting the sanctuary. They did not give us enough money for the roof repair. Especially the front of the church where the block is damaged where it meets the roof. They did not give us enough money for debris removal. They did not give us enough money for windows.

The Reminder

Back in January the church voted unanimously to remodel our facility over just repairing it. We knew then that going in the direction of remodel would slow the process over repair. But we chose remodel because we knew that some things in our facilities were in serious need of up grading. Our bathrooms are long over due for a remodel. There is no handicap access to most of the first floor in the east wing. It cost us more to use window A/C units instead of central air. Our windows are not energy efficient. The list goes on. I passed out several drawings on possible solutions to remodel.

In the history of the church there will never be a better time to remodel the church than now. Our goal is to use the insurance money to cover part of the remodel cost. We know that some of the upgrades we need would not be covered but some things are. For instance the remodel may move a wall then you have to paint and carpet the room. For the damage the insurance company is giving us money to paint and carpet. So we pay to move the wall then use the insurance money to paint and carpet. This way we don’t have to pay for everything in the remodel.

The Meantime

So difference of the $600,000 is a massive speed bump. We can’t start the remodel until we have the insurance company agree on the damage. So what we have to do is actually sit back and let the Cosco and the insurance company work things out. There are a few things that the Building committee can do in the interim but it really is wait and pray time. So pray that the insurance company and Cosco work this out quickly. The quicker they resolve the difference the sooner we can get started.

The Future

Some people have miss understood some things I have said. It is my fault. I know I get excited and speak too fast. So I want to clarify some things. I have a list so far of 28 items I call the wish list for the remodel. Some items on the list are mine. Some are other church members suggestions. Of those 28 items my priorities in the remodel are: 
1. New restrooms - the look and conditions of the restroom effect the attitudes of guest towards the church. No one every joined a church because it had nice restrooms but plenty of people never go back to a church because it had poor restrooms.
2. Replace the flat roof with a sloped roof - it has been a problem since its construction. It needs to be remodeled so that it is never an issue again.
3. Central AC in the office and lobby spaces - This is one of those things that cost money up front but in a few years it pays for itself in savings.
4. Level the floor - All of the first floor needs to be on the same level. It says to the those who have trouble with stairs that we care for you.
5. A new foyer - We know the road widening is coming. It will be a lot cheaper to integrate a new foyer now than to wait for the road widening.
6. Turn the sanctuary around - This is not a necessity but it just makes sense. Before the hurricane during the service if someone needed to go to the restroom or to check on a child in the nursery they went towards the stage and exited through the double doors. It was disruptive to the service. If we put in the new foyer that will just add to the traffic near the stage during service. Turning the stage around means all that traffic is on the back row of the sanctuary.

I have 22 other items but that is my big six and in the order of importance to me.

There is another thing that is very important to me but it is not on the list. It is the overriding guidance to my attitude towards the remodel. It is, “What does the church that meets here in 10 years need that I can set up for them now in the remodel.” What would be the most helpful to that church. Churches are always changing. People come and people go. It is a slow process so that you don’t usually notice in the moment. Callaway was a lot different today than it was ten years ago.

My big six items is based on what I think is most import for us and the future church. I am not saying I am absolutely right. God may change my mind once with get to design process. The drawing I gave when we voted back in January may change once we start the design process with Cosco.

Some design changes matters for that church in ten years. We add new restrooms the church in ten years still has to live with them. Some design changes are less significant. The color of the carpet we pick won’t matter to the church in ten years because it will be worn out and they will need to replace it. In fact just so you know every ten years a church should replace the carpet, repaint the walls, replace padded chairs or reupholster their pews depending on which they have. They may need to do these things even more often. It depends on wear.

So in all the decision making I am going to be encouraging the building committee to think about the church in ten years as well. That church has to live with many of the decisions that we make now.