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As you are probably already aware things did not go as planned but the restoration is progressing. The new roofs on the Sunday school building, detached garage, shed and parsonage are complete. The siding on the detached garage is repaired. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord.

As for the main building, the site survey is complete. Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 19th), sub contractors are suppose to be onsite to give estimates. These estimates are not for the changes we want to make but comparative estimates to make sure the insurance company has given us enough money to repair the building.

Cosco, the Building Committee and I are schedule to have a meeting on Monday April 8th to discuss all the findings of Cosco and sub contractors. If the insurance company has shorted us Cosco will help us negotiate with the insurance company to get the rest due us. I actually don’t expect there to be much difference between Cosco findings and the insurance company. As the finalization of the money progresses we hope to move towards an estimate on the scope of remodel at the same time.

Please pray about the remodel. There have been many wonderful ideas on what we need. We can’t do them all and some are incompatible with others. Currently I have a hard list of 22 items that have been suggested to address in the remodel. My big one is new bathrooms. I am very hopeful that God is preparing to bless us but that does not mean we can stop praying. Talking to God about the remodel shows God that we understand: that He is in control, that He can supply resources better than we can, that He protects us better than we can, and that we need Him to lead the way. So please keep in your prayers the Building committee, Cosco & Associates, the sub contractors and me.

I know it feels like our remodel is running behind but it is not really. We hired a new contractor on January 29th. We started over on that date. At the time of me writing this Cosco has been on the job 7 weeks. It took the insurance adjuster about 11 weeks to come up with their estimate. When we meet on April 8th that will be the 10th week for Cosco. If we could have started with Cosco after the hurricane we would be further along but we started with someone else and it did not work out. But it is good. I really believe from all information I have that we are right where God wanted us. So don’t let the enemy still your joy by making you think it is never going to be finished. Because one day we will have a building rededication.