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March Pastor Report

Restoration Update

By the time you read this I hope that we have a new roof on the Sunday school building, detached garage, and parsonage. Also new siding, and new garage doors on the detached garage. But I am not betting it so. They were suppose to start on the roof today and it rained. That said all of this will happen, and as soon as it can.

As for the main building, plans are developing. Nathan has begun the site survey. The architect and mechanical engineer has been through the building. Wednesday, February 20th the structural engineer should be here and followed shortly by the electrical and plumbing. For now it is just a matter of wait while they do their jobs. It just takes time.

That’s the buildings but what about the church?

I think the church is doing much better than buildings. People are happy to see each other and enjoy worshiping together. I believe the storm is knitting all our hearts together which will make us stronger. We are all going through the same thing. We have had many visitors to our worship services. Some of them looking for a new church home. Some of them just worshiping with us while they are in town to help others with restoration. In the past two Sundays we have had over a 110 people present for morning worship.

I pray that you don’t let the destruction around you depress you. I know that it is easy to look outside and remember what it was like, and wish it was back to normal. That can lead to depression. When you look outside think about what God is going to do with it. What the the new homes may be like. What the new neighbors will be like. Let’s look toward the future on how God is going to use our hands to minister over the next several years. This storm is an opportunity to shine for Christ.